About Us


In partnership with the community, Grand Mound Elementary School will prepare students to make responsible decisions and will provide them with the basic skills and opportunities needed to expand their learning to its highest potential.


 Grand Mound School serves approximately 500 students in grades 3-5 in the rural community of Rochester, Washington. We have 21 teachers, 4 Special Education teachers, 1 Music teacher, 1 Fitness Teacher, 1 counselor, 19 Educational assistants and a principal. Average class size is 24 students. All of Grand Mound's teachers are highly qualified according to national standards set in the No Child Left Behind federal legislation.

GMES was built in 1972 as a middle school at that time, 70 acres was also purchased. In 2003, a school remodeling project was completed, updating the complete school and its systems. Currently there are 14 regular classrooms in the main building, with 6 double wide portable classrooms, 3 special education classrooms, a full-size gym and a lunchroom.

Grand Mound Elementary offers students a complete range of academic classes in self-contained classrooms. Students also have a music class, fitness class, library class, daily time in a mathematics lab and several Special Education or Title 1/Lap classes that provide intervention for students who need extra assistance. A Talented & Gifted program is also available for students who qualify. GMES integrates technology into all facets of learning with a goal of improving student achievement and expanding student learning to its highest potential. Several recognition programs support students and their learning, giving positive recognition for exceptional effort and outstanding performance.

For more information on how you might take an active role in the education of students at Grand Mound Elementary School, stop by our school office or call our principal, Ms. Kelley Bremgartner at 273-5512 or email her at [email protected]

Grand Mound Elementary School staff and administration welcome all parents and patrons of Rochester to join us in our quest to better serve our young people. All are welcome to visit or volunteer in any of our numerous activities and events.