Counselor Notes

November Notes;
This month students will receive their first report cards of the year.  Here at Grand Mound we have conferences early in the first quarter so students  and parents have an opportunity to get feedback before  grades are recorded.

It is important to remember that grades are  just one measure of how a student is doing in school.  Grades give teachers a way to measure progress but they don't measure perseverance.  Creativity and collaboration are vital to the school experience as well.  What is truly important is that all students are making progress. For some that will happen quickly and for others it may be at a slower, more measured pace. All students are capable of learning and achieving their goals. If you are concerned about your child's grades contact their teacher to express your concerns.  

Of course, please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.  Let me know how I can support your child and family to make school a positive experience for all.